Sonatina Festival Charleston 2019


Piano Division II

Winner:                 Alicia Brown 

2nd Place:            Colsen Guy

3rd Place:             Steven Chou 


Piano Division III

Winner:                  Ethan Kim 

2nd Place:              Nelli Sundara 

3rd Place:               Shivani Balasubramaniam


Piano Division IV

Winner:                  Haruka Okamoto 

2nd Place:             Emma Fang 

3rd Place:              Jayden Yang


Piano Division V

Winner:                 Jonathan Mei 

2nd Place:             Lily Lassiter 

3rd Place:             Jason Guo



Prize in Interview:               Nelli Sundara

Prize in Piano Technique:  Aaron Wang



Composition (Elementary): Josh Pack

Composition (Advanced):   Jason Gould


Congratulations to all of the student participants! Looking forward to seeing you next year!