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Just the time for SCARY stories on Halloween!

In one of her recent lessons, Ginger was sight-reading a new piece. NEW PIECE is always tricky to read at first sight, especially in front of YOUR TEACHER.

One must be very careful not to make mistakes, be very focused and alert. Sight Reading a new piece is like walking in the dark. You don’t know what the new piece sounds like yet, so you need to go slow and watch out for obstacles.

Everything was going well. Ginger is such a good music reader - she found her notes quickly and was proceeding at a steady pace, even observing correct dynamics and articulation, UNTIL…AAAAH!

Ginger stopped and exclaimed ‘Oh No! An Intruder! A dotted quarter note right in the middle of staccato quarter notes! Tricky - But I got ya!’ She played again, correctly, and we both laughed.

There is such a small visual difference between a quarter note with a dot on top and a dot on the side. But that tiny detail signals us to play that note in a totally different way.

There are so many details like this in music. That’s what makes music students so smart, actually. At times, all those details may seem overwhelming. But if presented the right way, the students will have fun with them and see them as ‘tricky intruders’, and not ‘another dotted quarter note.’

How Ginger Spotted an Intruder!

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Dear Families,

We understand that special circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic are causing much disruption to nearly everyone's routine. Charleston Academy of Music is here to continue your music routine as consistently as possible. While we are putting on hold all group classes such as Music Discovery, Suzuki, Performance Classes and Ensembles, we are continuing to offer regular individual lessons. For those families who prefer not to come to in-person lessons, we offer remote e-lessons instead. Please check with your instructor regarding scheduling and technical specifications for such lessons. On behalf of all Academy's faculty, we remind you that daily music practice meets all quarantine and social distancing requirements, and we urge you to take advantage of this additional practice time allowed by cancellations of group activities. To summarize:

1. Charleston Academy of Music is continuing to offer regular in-person one-on-one music lessons provided that both student and instructor are in good health. Families may request a substitution for distance e-lessons.

2. Please check with your instructor regarding your next lesson time, whether in-person or remote.

3. Group classes such as Music Discovery, Suzuki, Performance Classes and Ensembles are suspended beginning Monday, March 16 until tentatively March 31st depending on the developing public health situation. The office will remain operational, so please feel free to email or call if you have any questions. Stay well everyone and thank you for your patience!

Dr. Irina Pevzner Executive Director Charleston Academy of Music (843) 805-7794 - office (843) 224-8968 - mobile www.CharlestonAcademyOfMusic.com

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Three piano students from the Charleston Academy of Music participated in the esteemed Governors School for Arts and Humanities Young Artist Piano Competition, and all three came back with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize awards. We are incredibly happy and proud of their efforts. Congratulations to Angela, Joshua, and Matthew, and kudos to their teachers Irina Pevzner and Chee-Hang See!

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