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Your support is important to our work at Charleston Academy of Music. There are many ways you can contribute towards our causes, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission. Learn more about how you can get involved and take advantage of the opportunity to do some good.

Donation Jar


Your donations keep us going. Click the button below to make a direct contribution to CAM!

Helping Hands


We're always looking for volunteers to help with events for our students. Click below to see volunteer opportunities!



Check out our event schedule to see upcoming concerts, where you can enjoy beautiful music and make direct donations!

Our Supporters

Foundations and Grants
Bear Creek Fund, Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation
Blackbaud Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC
Ceara Donnelley & Nathan Berry Fund
The Charles Delmar Foundation
City of Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs & City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Program
Coastal Community Foundation, Open Grant
Felix & Carolyn Turner Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC
Harriet & Linda Ripinsky Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC
Henry & Sylvia Yaschik Foundation
Herzman-Fishman Foundation
Jerry & Anita Zucker Family Endowment Fund
The Joanna Foundation
Meeting Street Academy
Merck Partnership for Giving
National Endowment for the Arts
Post & Courier Foundation
Schwab Charitable Fund
South Carolina Arts Commission
Susan T. & Eric G. Friberg Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC
Target Corporation


Orchestra Sponsors 
Joan Pittman
Dr. Linda Plunkett

John A. Zeigler, Jr.

Esther & James Ferguson
Jane Maybank
Allan & Carol Mysel
Eunjoo Yun
Julia & Stephen Ziff
Bud Hay


Oliver Bowman & Bob Sauers
Katy Richardson & David Bundy
Mary Elizabeth Canaday
Paul Dustin
Leo & Carol Fishman
Enrique Graf
Wayne & Alicia Gregory
Lynn Hallaba

Charles Hester
Patrick C. & Cheryl Ilderton
Cindy Johnson
Dr. John & Norma Palms
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Richards
Robert Rummerfield
Chee-Hang See
Bea Smith
Dr. S D Thomas


Christine Arant
John & Theresa Baek 
Michael & PJ Bagg 
Sallie Barnes
Norman & Ledlie Bell 
Andrea Benitez
Caleb Borick
Carl & Susan Borick 
Alice Boylan (in honor of Irina Pevzner)
Iris Brown 
H. Cameron Burn
Anna Fox Burnette
David & Chestina Brollier
Sharon J. Bowers 
Donna Cash (in honor of Kay Wheeler)
William & Anne Cleveland
Hae Ok Choi
Richard Coen
James D. Decker
Pat Feuchtenberger

Trisha Folds-Bennett
Maurice & Joan Fox 
Cynthia Greene
Daniel Huger 
Acierno & Melba Hernandez
Yeongbin Im & Jeseong Won 
In Sil Kim 
Willie Mae King
H.L. Koester, III 
Soonho & Mimi Kwon
Elizabeth Rivers Lewine
Joe Malecki
Susan McAdoo 
Gwen and Layton McCurdy
Maralynne Mitcham
Rachel Morley
Valerie Morris
Terence Muir
Alisa Myers  

Alysia Olshinski 
John R. Potter
​Evelynn & William Putnam
Donald & Barbara Backer Ronald
Trish Scarry
Mark Sloan & Michelle Van Parys 
Katherine Skow
Amy Tan
Nico Van Vliet 
Georgette Smith & Frank McMahon
Kenneth & Elena Strehle
Paul Sykes
William & Barbara Thomason
Thomas Thornhill
David & Caroline Trickey 
James & Brett Van Dorsten 
Amey Warder (in honor of Kay Wheeler & Chee-Hang See) 
Sally Webb 
Rachel & Ashley Yoon
So Joung & Chung Mo Yu 

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