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Sonatina Festival Charleston 2022

Piano Division I

Winner:                 Jeremiah Malm (teacher - Kathleen Nungesser)

2nd Place:            Selina Xiao (teacher - Kathleen Nungesser)

3rd Place:             Roger Chen (teacher - Kathleen Nungesser)

Piano Division II

Winner:                 Andy Cao (teacher - Patrick Boyle)

2nd Place:            Philip Johnson (teacher - Patrick Boyle)

3rd Place:             Timothy Li (teacher - Chee-Hang See)


Piano Division III

Winner:                  Lulu Xu (teacher - Myungsook Stoudenmire)

2nd Place:             Nelli Sundara (teacher - Chee-Hang See)

3rd Place:              Alicia Brown (teacher - Kathleen Nungesser)


Piano Division IV

Winner:                  Jaiden Hughes (teacher - Patrick Boyle)

2nd Place:             Dora Wang (teacher - Kathleen Nungesser)

3rd Place:             Aaron Wang (teacher - Patrick Boyle)


Piano Division V

Winner:                Vanessa Nguyen (teacher - Irina Pevzner)

2nd Place:             Harry Ding (teacher - Irina Pevzner)

3rd Place:              Annie Xu (teacher - Myungsook Stoudenmire)



Prize in Interview:              Campbell Lesher (teacher - Chee-Hang See)

Prize in Piano Technique:  Joyce Yang (teacher - Marina Agrest)



Composition Winner (Beginner): Daniel Roberts (teacher - Dan McCurry)

Composition Winner (Intermediate): Rachel Lane (teacher - Dan McCurry)

Congratulations to all of the student participants and their teachers! Looking forward to seeing you next year!

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